Interim president for the MUHC CSN employees union, invites Minister Barrette on MGH Tour

Interim president for the MUHC CSN employees, invites Minister Barrette on MGH Tour

Painters and Housekeeping staff preparing the area outside the conference room the weekend before the Health Minister’s visit on Monday morning.

Considering the response the minister’s visit had on the timely improvements preformed on the weekend prior to the visit. Hoping for the same results, I publicly invite the minister on a ‘tour’ of the MGH.

Hello Minister Barrette,

Prior to your visit last Monday to the Montreal General Hospital 6th floor, the MUHC rapidly called in housekeeping staff and painters to work the weekend to makeover the area you would visit or walk past.

Considering the effect your visit had on the speedy improvements to the area, I would like to publicly invite  you on a ‘tour’ of the MGH. In hope that news of your visit will derive the same effect across other areas of the MGH.

If the results are positive for the MGH, we can then schedule visits for the other MUHC sites including the Glen Superhospital.

Minister Barrette, let me know if you are interested and we can as soon as possible. Awaiting your call, Sincerely, Manuel.


Read at the Montreal Gazette about the visit.


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